New Health: Ethical challenges through digitization.

Science meets society. Politics. Culture. Economy.
25th & 26th October 2018 in Berlin – A joint project of the four Berlin universities


Research Forum 2018 from Research Forum on Vimeo.

Science meets extra-scientific expertise – with this transdisciplinary approach, the Berlin universities have designed an innovative new format.

The first Pre-Research Forum addresses the social, scientific and ethical challenges of digitization in the context of health. In particular, the ethical areas of tension arising from new products and processes occupy us – these are for the most part not new, but must be re-discussed and negotiated in the context of digitization.


Cross-border research
By collaboratively researching different disciplines and partners, robust knowledge and problem-solving skills emerge.

Innovation through exchange
Science is gaining innovative power when it is in a lively exchange with society.

Varied expertise
In addition to science, the expertise of non-scientific actors is needed to solve important questions of the future.